Airwar has been on a relentless journey, striving to assist businesses across various industries in amplifying their customer base, generating brand awareness, and fostering strong relationships through cutting-edge advertising techniques and brand messaging. With years of unwavering commitment to excellence, we have successfully helped numerous companies in delivering their products to consumers while establishing a formidable presence amidst their competitors and untapped markets.

Selected Clients:

  • 425 Motorsports (automotive)
  • 520 Bar & Grill (service)
  • Acufab (industrial)
  • ADRP (NPO)
  • AFP (NPO)
  • Agiliant (technology)
  • Alliance Power (industrial)
  • AltaSource (technology)
  • Ambra Gaming (technology)
  • American Aesthetics (healthcare)
  • American Business Coalition (commercial)
  • Ames Devices (industrial)
  • Amphipod (apparel)
  • Andente Publishing (commercial)
  • Apaca Van Lines (commercial)
  • AquaTame (retail)
  • AristPoint (healthcare)
  • Aro.space (entertainment)
  • AromaPlus (retail)
  • Artwork Source (retail)
  • Attibassi Coffee (service)
  • Aura Aesthetics (healthcare)
  • Aventech International (aviation)
  • Avita Wellness (healthcare)
  • BackupKey (technology)
  • Bad Juju Lounge (service)
  • Bailey & Bendiksen (construction)
  • Bakes Place (service)
  • BCI Hotels (hospitality)
  • BDCFO (financial)
  • Bellevue Botanical Gardens (NPO)
  • BitMax (technology)
  • BlueMango (retail)
  • BlueValue Mortgage (financial)
  • Bluebeard Roasters (service)
  • BodyEvolution (retail)
  • Boeing (industrial)
  • Borealis Group (financial)
  • BTL (retail)
  • Capitol Hill Block Party (entertainment)
  • Cargolux (commercial)
  • Carver (retail)
  • CEOtoCEO (commercial)
  • Chesmore Buck Architecture (commerical)
  • CLn (retail)
  • Contraras Brothers (service)
  • Cooper Tires (retail)
  • Crocodile, The (entertainment)
  • Crown Financial (financial)
  • Crucible Brewing (retail)
  • Custom Home Solutions (construction)
  • Delta Airlines (commercial)
  • Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation (NPO)
  • Deni Cosmetics (retail)
  • Diamonds, Inc. (retail)
  • Dorky's Arcade (retail)
  • Downtown Kirkland Association (NPO)
  • Eastside Funding (financial)
  • Einstein Rising (education)
  • EMC2 (education)
  • Emerald City Concrete (industrial)
  • eMode Foundation (education)
  • Emsculpt (retail)
  • Environ (retail)
  • Five Star Capital (financial)
  • Freeman (technology)
  • French Bakery (service)
  • Friends of Children (NPO)
  • Funhouse, The (entertainment)
  • Garmin Industries (retail)
  • Goldfrapp (entertainment)
  • Griswold Homecare (commercial)
  • Haas (industrial)
  • Heavy-Duty Lighting (industrial)
  • Hector's (service)
  • HopeNation (NPO)
  • Ignition Drawing (retail)
  • Infant Care Solutions (healthcare)
  • Innercommunity Peace & Justice (NPO)
  • Ivy SoftWorks (technology)
  • Kalisto (commercial)
  • Keck General Contracting (construction)
  • Kirkland Wednesday Market (retail)
  • Knaack Construction (construction)
  • Koenigsberg & Associates (technology)
  • Leatherman Tool Group (retail)
  • LeCuyer Dentistry (healthcare)
  • Liberty Capital (financial)
  • Logan Neitzel (apparel)
  • M&D Contracting (construction)
  • Mackie (retail)
  • Macrina Bakery (service)
  • Marine Restoration (industrial)
  • McLeod Group (commercial)
  • MDC Holdings Company (commercial)
  • MiracleGro (retail)
  • Milagro (service)
  • Mossyrock Realty (commercial)
  • Moultray & McMahon (legal)
  • Mount Sinai (healthcare)
  • Multustech (commerical)
  • MyHealthology (healthcare)
  • Nala (retail)
  • NCA (commercial)
  • Neckwave Technology (retail)
  • Neumos (enteratainment)
  • Nevada Psychiatric Association (NPO)
  • New Mexico Tourism (retail)
  • New York Plastic Surgeons (healthcare)
  • Next Lighting (industrial)
  • Niedermeyer Risk Management (commercial)
  • Nike (apparel)
  • NO/R (apparel)
  • Nolita Apparel (apparel)
  • Nordstrom (retail)
  • North & Novelty (retail)
  • Northwest Crest Capital (financial)
  • Nutrafol (retail)
  • o2 Optimize (retail)
  • Orb Optronix (industrial)
  • Oxford Partners (commercial)
  • Party on the Rocks (service)
  • Peace Love + Happiness (retail)
  • Pediglide (retail)
  • Photo Finish Films (entertainment)
  • Pinnacle Investments (financial)
  • Pitney Bowes (commercial)
  • Porsche North America (automotive)
  • Prolam Industries (industrial)
  • Rainier Glass Studio (retail)
  • Real Assets (realty)
  • Real Black History (NPO)
  • Rendeavous, The (entertainment)
  • Renew Spa (retail)
  • Renneline (retail)
  • Reply Furniture (retail)
  • Retail Sourcing (commercial)
  • RetroLeauges (technology)
  • Retrospect Vintage (retail)
  • Rialto, The (entertainment)
  • Riolo Orthodontics (healthcare)
  • Rockstar Tanning Bar (retail)
  • Rolling Rock Brewing (retail)
  • Rubix Media (commercial)
  • Rue Lala (retail)
  • Safeway (retail)
  • Sakti Jewelery (retail)
  • Salty's on Alki (service)
  • Savage Lands (technology)
  • SBI (NPO)
  • Seapac Homes (construction)
  • Seaport Museum (NPO)
  • Seattle Business Journal (publishing)
  • Seattle Business Services (commercial)
  • Seattle Monorail, The (retail)
  • Seattle Jazz Fest (entertainment)
  • Shake Shake Shake (service)
  • Showbox, The (entertainment)
  • Signal Construction (construction)
  • Signal Games (technology)
  • SmartGhost (technology)
  • SNJM (NPO)
  • Sole Repair (service)
  • South King County Chamber of Comm (NPO)
  • Speedware Motorsports (automotive)
  • SRE (realty)
  • Starbucks (service)
  • Stash Rewards (retail)
  • State42 Winery (retail)
  • Steelcore Industries (industrial)
  • Thornburg Computer Services (commercial)
  • Twisted Lime (service)
  • Via Lago (retail)
  • Vantage Investments (financial)
  • Vestus (realty)
  • Wheaton Racing (automotive)
  • Yanvan (apparel)
"Working with Airwar on our brand redesign was a breeze. Communication was clear, the process was smooth, and the results? Absolutely spot on. They really understand branding and it shows."
Costantino Bertuzzi, CEO
Attibassi International
Airwar's team did a fantastic job with our rebrand! They were professional, yet super approachable, and really listened to what we wanted. The final design is beyond our expectations. Highly recommend!"
Frederic Courteau, CEO / Founder
Sabadi Foods
"Huge props to Airwar for their incredible work on our brand redesign. They nailed our vision and messaging totally aligning with what we wanted. We are excited to roll this out!"
Christopher Hall, CEO
Vestus Real Estate Systems
"Just wrapped up our rebranding with Airwar, and wow, what a transformation! The new brand design is fresh and really speaks to our message. Big thanks to the team for their hard work and creativity."
Administrative Board
Avita Health System
"We recently tried something different with Airwar's advertising campaign, and boy, did it pay off! They were super friendly and professional, working tirelessly to ensure we got the results we needed. Truly amazed by their dedication and creativity!"
Greg Mackie, Founder
Mackie Pro Audio
"Airwar's team is phenomenal! They pushed us to try a unique ad concept, and I'm so glad they did. The results were exactly what we hoped for. Plus they're incredibly friendly and professional. Thanks for the outstanding work, guys!"
Stuart McLeod, CEO / Founder
McLeod Group
"I was a bit skeptical about rebranding, but Airwar changed my mind. Their approach to redesign and messaging was tailored so perfectly to our needs. Our brand now feels revitalized and very us."
Peter Nitze, Owner / Founder
Next Lighting Corp.
"If you're on the fence about Airwar, just go for it! They steered us toward an unconventional campaign that really delivered. Their team is not only friendly but extremely professional, working all hours to ensure success. Highly recommend!"
David Bajorins, CEO / Co-Foudner
Orb Optronix
"Big shoutout to Airwar for their incredible work on our latest campaign. They were all about trying something new, and it really worked out! Great results, super friendly service, and around-the-clock effort. What more could you ask for?"
Stephanie Gutierrez, CEO / Founder
"Working with Airwar was a game changer for us. They suggested a campaign idea that was out of our usual comfort zone, and it was a smashing success! Plus, their team is so easy to work with—very friendly and always professional."
Duncan and Cindy Campbell, Co-Founders
Friends of Children - Seattle / Portland
Airwar's team did a fantastic job with our rebrand! They were professional, yet super approachable, and really listened to what we wanted. The final design is beyond our expectations. Highly recommend!"
June Angus, CEO
Amphipod Running Gear
"Airwar truly transformed our brand! Their approach to brand design and messaging really brought our vision to life. Couldn't be happier with the fresh new look and clear, impactful advertising. Highly recommend their services!"
Matt Bowne, CD
Garmin Industries
"Working with Airwar was a game-changer for our rebranding efforts. The team is super creative and really knows their stuff when it comes to making a brand stand out. If you're looking to refresh your brand, these are your go-to experts!"
Jordan Ritter, CEO
Ivy Softworks / Paypal
"I was amazed at how seamlessly Airwar handled our rebranding project. Their attention to detail and the ability to capture our company's essence was impressive. The new advertising strategy they proposed works wonders. Great job, team!"
Jeff Low, CEO / Founder
Stash Hotel Rewards Group
"If you're thinking about rebranding or improving your brand's message, you should definitely check out Airwar. The team's professional yet friendly approach made the whole process enjoyable, and the results speak for themselves!"
Cory Dean, CEO
Artwork Source / Ignition Drawing
"Love the work Airwar did for our brand! They nailed the design and messaging, making our advertising campaigns more effective than ever. It’s great working with such a dedicated and insightful team. They really care about your success!"
Doug Gritzmacher, President
Heavy-Duty Lighting, Inc.